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Just riding it once already answers the question. Nothing is more pleasant than laying down in a relaxed position in an ergonomic seat, resting your hands on the handlebars and your feet on the pedals. Even when not yet moving, you immediately feel laid-back and comfortable.

No, not at all. Everyone who is willing to try can ride a trike. After just few ridden meters it feels as if you had done it for ages.

To get in the trike, you should start by standing in front of it while facing it backwards. Spread your legs and step back a little so each of them is on their own side of the crank kit. Then just ease onto the seat, using the wheels as guides. Once you’ve sat down, put your feet on the pedals and place your hands on the handlebars. Try not to clamp and pull the handlebar like you would do with a regular bike, it will interfere with the smoothness of your ride. The trike rides straight ahead easily and naturally, so rest your hands on the handlebars and everything will go by itself.

As the trike rides on three wheels, you do not have to worry about the balance. You cannot fall off a trike. However, if for some reason that happens, the fall certainly won’t be as dangerous as with a regular bicycle. Balance is essentially what distinguishes a trike from the two-wheelers. Ever since we learned how to ride a bicycle, by doing so we are constantly fighting against gravity. Sometimes a steering error, usually followed by a crash, reminds us about it. Such a battle can cost us a great amount of energy. As riding a trike does not involve that kind of fight with gravity, the saved energy can be used to move, therefore…

Just as fast as the rider can pedal. But to compare, one could say that a trike rides as fast or even faster than a two-wheeler by requiring way less effort. Moreover, it is the perfect way to burn body fat. Because of the lesser effort and, therefore, lower heart rate, you can get into the ideal heart rate zone more easily, which is why the calories burn quickly. And, because they disappear through exercise, it takes longer for the lost weight to come back, even if you have not ridden for a while. Although, no passionate trike rider can probably imagine the latter.

The cost of trikes varies in different price ranges. Usually they are pricewise comparable with a decent mountain or road bike. The great thing about the recumbent trikes is that you can have a custom trike fully assembled according to your wishes. Therefore, it is not considered a mass product and gives it a somewhat special value. Each trike is manually assembled by enthusiastic professionals especially for the customer.

The riding conditions for different trike riders are rather distinct. Some feel comfortable enough in off-road tracks and even are comparable to mountain-bikers, whereas others feel satisfied on the asphalt and sometimes do not shy away from a race. Indeed, recumbent trikes are for everyone. They are fitting for trekking and traveling as well. Even when well-packed, these trikes always keep their stability and the rider can start his journey from a relaxed position, having a natural all-round view. Furthermore, trailers are no problem too – in fact, they are many times safer with recumbent trikes than with regular bicycles. And most importantly – you have your armchair with you everywhere!